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Faster removal of lactates and more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles give you the strength you need to make it through hard workouts at the gym or strenuous CrossFit exercises. This performance-enhancing effect enables you to do more intense strength training, subjecting your body to more stimuli and ultimately making your training sessions more successful.


CEP Run Socks and Calf Sleeves are ideal for fitness athletes because they are comfortable to wear and give you more power, especially when you train with heavy weights. The stabilization they offer lets you max out during press exercises by helping you keep your sequence of motion under control.


Quad Sleeves significantly delay thigh muscle fatigue during explosive jumping and strength training exercises so you can work out longer with much better coordination because your muscles don’t tire as quickly.


What’s more, CEP compression legwear, sleeves, socks, shorts and tights come in a wide variety of bold, stylish colors. So on top of all the performance-enhancing benefits, you also look great as you work out on the treadmill, cross trainer and in the training area at the gym.


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